Who am I?

I’m Sauvik Das. I’m a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University‘s Human-Computer Interaction Institute. I do HCI research. All that really means is that I try to understand people, and then use that understanding to make cool tech. My main focus has been in usable security research, but I do a lot of things. If you want to know more specifically about my research, I urge you to check out my academic webpage.

In addition to my academic experience, I’ve worked in a technical role (e.g., software engineer, data scientist, research scientist) at Facebook, Google, Microsoft Research, a startup company called Open Study, as well as a small company in Japan.  As a result, I’d like to think I have a broad understanding of the tech world.

Make Write Learn is a blog that I created to chronicle my experiences and growth as a grad student, Researcher, builder and writer. I hope my chronicling these experiences can help you in some way.